About Us

SoccerGemz is a year-round, mobile soccer franchise that encourages and engages kids from 18 months to 8 years old to learn soccer through fun and creative games.   Our curriculum fun and creative focuses on helping players improve and develop social, emotional and athletic skills. Your team of coaches will focus on maintaining a fun, instructional, and non-competitive environment using creative games and techniques that were designed specifically by our founder, Jerome Smalls, a former educator and early childhood development instructor.

Our model offers programs to learning centers, neighborhood sites, and birthday parties, and is easily adapted to a variety of settings.  Lesson plans and curriculum have been professionally developed and are specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of soccer in a fun way. We are an ideal franchise opportunity for individuals who want to make a difference in their lives, their community, and most importantly in the lives of children. If you have a passion for leadership, giving back to your community, and team sports, a SoccerGemz franchise could be the perfect fit for you.

SoccerGemz offers a proven, turn-key business model makes starting your own business easier and more efficient.  As a franchisee, you will have the benefit of the unique and creative SoccerGemz curriculum with full lesson plans to ensure you and your team can provide the best possible experience for each family. We also offer comprehensive training support, business coaching assistance, and marketing materials so you can hit the ground running and start building a loyal customer base within your community.

As a franchise owner, you don’t need to know how to play soccer (our founder didn’t play when he started the brand either!) Ideally you are goal driven, team-oriented with communication and leadership skills, and the ability to manage a team of coaches. Our leadership team will train you to focus your attention on seeking opportunities to promote and partner with schools in your community to grow your business.

Becoming part of our family, franchise owners are supported by the brand’s multiple streams of revenue: such as community & schools enrichment programs, birthday parties and private groups.  By owning a SoccerGemz franchise you can feel confident in offering an essential service to the community that will keep your locations busy all year  and during economic ups and downs.

We set our brand apart from other youth sports programs by focusing on business development, building personal relationships in the community and a fun and creative curriculum.  We believe in developing children’s physical and social skills through soccer. Our programs are not designed to create professional soccer players, but instead to help children build character, confidence, coordination and teamwork skills that will serve them throughout their lives. And if they make it to the PRO’s one day, great! Hopefully they remember us😊

Who We Are

SoccerGemz was founded out of a passion for working with children.  As the concept became a successful business, our founder was inspired to help others make the transition from employee to business owner. Not only did this opportunity provide the ideal work-life balance, it also provided the gratification of networking and building relationships in the community.  Helping others to succeed has always been central to our mission, first with our players and now with ongoing support for new franchisees. We offer multiple revenue streams, program offerings and an effective, profitable, and proven business model.

What We Do

Our support team will make sure you and your coaches are trained to make learning the basic fundamentals of soccer for players instructional, educational and fun. Our method gives players an opportunity to develop athletically, socially, and become more independent each class.

How We Do It

We will train and show you how to ensure your coaches are creating a family friendly environment, and how to have them focused on building relationships with players and parents. All of our classes are led by well-trained and background screened coaches, who help create excitement for soccer through a creative and engaging curriculum that is adaptable to various locations.

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Why We Do It

We believe that introducing fun and excitement early in a basic, fundamental game of soccer will encourage children to develop a love of playing as they continue to grow. Our staff understand that kids learn best when they are having fun, so our curriculum is designed to incorporate creative play, reward enthusiasm and effort, and build our players’ confidence.

Why own a SoccerGemz?

Our youth soccer franchise model was designed to combine soccer and education into fun and creative games. As an SoccerGemz Franchise owner, you’ll introduce children to the basic concept of soccer with a curriculum designed for to make each class interactive and engaging. Our mobile franchise allows owners to be flexible fitting within your schedule, offers multiple revenue streams, and doesn’t require an high staff salary or expensive brick-and-mortar location. That means low overhead, easy adaptability, and even more flexibility. The youth sports industry has been steadily growing and is a perfect opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs to positively impact children, their families and communities. Now is a perfect time to invest in an SoccerGemz franchise! 

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