Steps to Open/Ownership

Save the time and money of starting from scratch by joining a brand with a proven business model and all the marketing materials you will need to get started immediately.  As a franchisor we value your voice and encourage your contributing ideas to help continue to grow and strengthen the brand together.  Here is an opportunity to really play a part in the overall success of the brand and creating a profitable future for you and your family.

During our startup process you will learn how to operate fun, age-appropriate classes that will keep players engaged, build relationships with parents, and most importantly get customers returning for the next session. If you are committed to becoming our next franchisee, our staff will make sure you have ongoing support well beyond the grand opening stage. You not only become a part of the SoccerGemz system, we become family and partners in your success.

So…if you’re ready to take the next step towards changing your life, let the journey begin!

Our Five Steps Towards Ownership

1. Introductory Call via phone or video

It starts with a 20–30-minute introductory call with a member of our Franchise development team, who will get to know you, your personal and professional goals and answer your questions to determine if the opportunity is the perfect fit.

2. Learn More

During this step you will have the opportunity to explore all parts of the business via webinars and other materials. From marketing to operations of your business, the key drivers to success, investment details, financial performance, and our process for running a youth soccer business, and funding options. You will receive a strong foundation for the SoccerGemz business model.

3. Join us for a Play Day

After qualification, it’s time for you to meet us in person. You will visit our corporate offices in Tampa, FL for a Play Day, where you will have the opportunity to meet the people who will help you as a SoccerGemz franchisee. You’ll get to experience our programs, families and business process. We will even cover more about our marketing, training, and support programs.

4. Get your territory Awarded

Our Leadership Team will review your application and make a final decision on awarding a franchise territory to you. If your application is approved, we will discuss the next steps to which includes reviewing our FDD (Federal Disclosure Document), where we’ll provide you with a copy and time to review it, before we make it official!

5. Grand Opening

Once the franchise agreements are signed you will officially become a member of the SoccerGemz family! The onboarding and training process will include every detail of your new business, including our responsibilities to you as well as your responsibilities as a business owner. Get ready to have Grand opening kickoff party!

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