Our Story

11 years ago, I decided to quit my job as a special education teacher and embark on an entrepreneurial path. I saw a need in my community for after-school programs that engaged kids in sports at an early age. My own daughters were excited about soccer, but there were no programs that accepted kids younger than three years old. That was when I decided to create the program myself. I certainly didn’t expect the program to grow to where it is today especially since our first session started with just 9 kids, one of which was my daughter.

It would have been easy to throw in the towel and return to a job working for someone else, and believe me, I considered it many times. But I knew that if I was going to be a living example to my daughters that I would have to continue and see this journey to the end.  Starting the session without a curriculum I just winged it and adjusted each week to make classes more fun and engaging. By the end of the first session, I learned what was going to serve as our foundation for brand. Focusing on building a creative curriculum and strong relationships with families became the top priorities. Two families returned and referred friends for the next session and after that each session continued to grow.  As more registrations came in, I was able to talk to more families and pursue leads for partnerships with learning centers which ultimately led to landing our first school account.

I continued to build and develop a brand that I believe in.  Countless times I have heard from parents saying how much their child looks forward to coming to SoccerGemz® every week, how the coaches and program have helped a child grow socially, and how our players are fully prepared when it is time to transition into more competitive leagues.

Hearing these stories has encouraged me to share the success of the SoccerGemz® brand for families across the nation to experience.  I could not have built this business without the support of an amazing team of coaches and my community behind me. Now we are excited to share our experience and systems to help you achieve the same success.

Jerome Smalls

Founder and CEO

Our goal is to grow and build a national brand with motivated entrepreneurs” Join us and let us become a part of your story. 

Creating a culture of success

Phil Malcolm

Marketing Support

Beth Dwyzierskwi

Curriculum Support

Jerome Smalls

Management Support

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Our model provides lifestyle convenience for franchise owners. Most SoccerGemz programs are held after school and Saturday mornings. You’ll have the opportunity to lead your staff in a positive manner by helping them to develop personally and professionally.  All the while, building a better future for your family, through business ownership in your community. 

Plus, you’ll also be serving up smiles and memories to children in an environment that will create the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. We emphasize creative, age-appropriate games that teaches soccer fundamentals and social skills needed in life.  We are ready to help you take the next step towards changing your life!

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